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Gym Etiquette

Train for Results at Tech MMA

Adult / Parent Rules

• All members must sign in at the front desk.
• Membership must be current, before you or your child can train.
• Please make sure you / your child are on time for class.
• Parents must supervise their child at all times – before and after class.
• If you drop your child off, please pick them up ON-TIME.
• Staff is not responsible for supervising any siblings or unattended kids.
• Children not in class must be supervised at all times.
• Running around, yelling, or being disruptive is not permitted. This takes away from other students time to learn.
• Children are NOT allowed in the weight area, unless in class with an instructor.
• Make sure your child’s uniform is clean and ready for class always. We highly recommend 2 uniforms minimum.
• Please keep your child home if they’re sick.
• Please do not teach your child any moves you might know or have seen. They could be dangerous.
• Parents / non-members are not allowed on the mats before, during or after classes.
• Parents must have a valid membership prior to using the weight room.
• Don’t yell instructions to your child during class. This is a distraction to all students.
• If you’d like to speak with your child, please do so during the water breaks.
• Please pick-up and properly dispose of any water bottles or snacks, in the trash cans provided.
• Keep cell phones off or on vibrate while class is in session.
• This is a drug / smoke free environment. Anyone under the influence will be asked to leave.
• No weapons of any kind are permitted in the academy. Unless you are law enforcement.
• Promotions are based on: Attendance, Knowledge and Application of Techniques, Knowledge of Class Rules, Overall Attitude, etc.
• The day of belt promotions is NOT the day to discuss your child’s rank with the instructor’s or staff.
• Belt testing fee must be paid one week prior to belt testing to receive belt.
• If you have questions, please make an appointment to discuss at an appropriate time. Not the day of promotion.
• Private lessons are also encouraged, especially leading up to belt testing. (Ask for pricing and available times)
• Everyone progresses at their own rate (this is for your proper growth as a Martial Artist.
• Keep a positive attitude when not promoted as well as if you are to encourage other class mates.

Kids Rules

• Show respect by bowing before entering and leaving the mat.
• Shoes must be worn when walking around the academy.
• Shoes are NEVER permitted on the mats.
• If late, wait for the instructor’s permission before entering class.
• Always be respectful to your instructors and training partners.
• Address Instructors by: Master, Coach, Sir / Ma’am.
• Come to class with a clean uniform and ready to train.
• Fingernails / toenails must be clipped and long-hair tied back. No Jewelry.
• This is a Bully-Free Zone! Bullying will not be tolerated!
• Speak with your instructor if there’s a problem in class.
• Do not distract other students during class.
• No gum, food or drinks are allowed on the mat.
• No Playing on Turf.
• When class has ended, wait for your parents on the bleachers.
• Training is a privilege – Come to class and try YOUR best!
• NEVER use your techniques on others, unless it’s a self-defense situation.

Remember belts are earned not given!

Gym Rules

• No sparring or rolling without an instructor present.
• Tech MMA & Fitness Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave your valuables at home or in your car.
• No filming of any classes (pro, adult, or kid) without prior and proper consent.
• No pets of any kind allowed in facility
• Only certified Tech MMA instructors from this facility, are allowed to conduct private lessons.
• Please be mindful, if a Kickboxing or Fitness class is in session when using weights or heavy bags. Classes have first priority.
• Do not instruct when you are not the instructor of a class. Please ask for help from the head instructor when on the Mat.
• Do not leave your vehicle overnight in our parking lot. It is possible it will be towed.
• Please use front doors when entering and exiting the facility. Do not use side doors unless an emergency.
• Be respectful to staff, instructors and other members Always. (We will not tolerate anything but)
• We strive to keep our facility as clean as possible – please help us keep it that way. (pick up paper towels, your toilet tissue etc.)

Weight / Striking Area

• Shoes and Shirts are a must when working out in the weight room / cardio area..
• Alert front desk if a machine is broken or damaged.
• No children allowed in weight / striking area unless in class with a instructor.
• Wipe down all benches and cardio machines after use.
• Please re-rack and put away all weights and dumbbells