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Combat Fitness

Combat Fitness

Don’t be scared of the name. This isn’t a “fighting” class and you’re not going into hand-to-hand combat with your class (unless of course you take some of our other classes, too!), but you will definitely be training like you’re preparing for battle!

Our fitness program takes a well-rounded approach that includes cardio, weight training, muscle endurance, and nutrition advice. Our ever-changing combat fitness classes are fun, and are a great point to launch into martial arts or obstacle racing!

  • Never be bored – use TRX, ropes, kettle bells, dumbbells, heavy bags, weights & more!
  • 12 instructor-led classes a week, and plenty of open-mat time to do your own workout.
  • Super-friendly male and female instructors include a certified personal trainer, and accomplished martial arts, sports & fitness competitors.

Our Combat Fit group class offers a dynamic fitness program that blends cardio, weight training and athletic exercises that maximize your time in the gym.

Cardio Kickboxing

Kickboxing Workout

Offers a full body workout. No part of your body is left immune while one is participating in this workout. From the core muscle groups to the small muscle groups, one can enjoy a complete body workout with this exercise.

Heart Benefits

Kickboxing is a great workout for a good heart. It can help one control blood pressure in the long run, and also maintain a good heart rate.


Kickboxing is a high impact cardio workout. One gets to burn huge amount of calories in this process. Since the complete body is involved, the calorie consumption rate is always high, thus helping one in their weight loss target. It’s estimated that one can burn up to 600 to 1000 calories in an hour long session.

Stress Reduction

They are a great stress buster. One can eliminate all their stress and frustration through their kicks and punches without the fear of hurting anyone. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that most cardio vascular exercises can help one reduce or get rid of their stress.

Increased Coordination

Kicks and punches along with complete body movements improve the hand-eye coordination amongst individuals. One will be able to notice the difference in just about a few weeks time.

Improves Confidence

Kickboxing is responsible for releasing a hormone called endorphins which can have a positive effect on your mood, thus increasing your confidence level. With improved confidence one never falls short of making the most of the opportunities, life presents in front of them.

Self Defense

Kickboxing workout can prove to be a great self defense practice tool which can help you, even once you step out of your workout shoes. If you are caught up in a situation which needs good hand- eye coordination or strong kicks or punches to set yourself free, then your kickboxing training session will help you in this process.

Better Posture and Flexibility

Kickboxing workout challenges core muscle groups along with the small muscle groups, thus making sure that all your body parts gets required attention. Since your complete body is worked out during every session, it helps in improving your posture. Your flexibility is also improved drastically due to the complete body training. The list of benefits with kickboxing workout is immense. With increasing awareness, workout has become a part of a lifestyle for many individuals across the world. Cardio kickboxing workouts are a great way to kick your way towards a healthy life.